About us

Association of Visually Impaired Women “You Can” was founded on 09/17/2010, in Sofia, in the BUB’s central building, “Naycho Canov” 172.
Aims of the association:
– to help for realization of the social rights, integration within the society, rehabilitation of the visually impaired children, teenagers and women.
– To develop the social consciousness up to level where people will find the violence against visually impaired women unacceptable in any form.
– to develop the social consciousness about problems of the equal rights of sexes, preventing the health and the maternity of the visually impaired women.
– To focus public attention on the problems and the possibilities of the visually impaired women and to develop social understanding of their specific needs.
– to help for creating skills in the area of the professional, technical and qualificational activities and hole life learning of visually impaired women.
The ways which the association will use are:
– Developing and participating in national and European projects and programs connected with the equal rights, fighting with the violence in any form, the health prevention and the ecology.
– Studying the interests, possibilities and specific needs of the visually impaired women.
– Organizing and supplying social, administrative and lawyer’s services to the visually impaired women.
– Cooperation with other NGO-s and the government authorities.
Subjects of the associations activities are:
– Collecting and disseminating information about the interests, specific needs and possibilities of the visually impaired women.
– Popularizing among the society and working for better possibilities for the visually impaired women.
– Participation in projects, programs and trainings which could help to be reached the association’s aims.
– Cooperation with government authorities, national and international organizations and NGO-s working on similar problems.
– Creating and disseminating audio, video and printed materials, connected with visually impaired women’s daily life.

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